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Two dozen circles of happiness (at St-Viateur Bagel Shop)
at Cafe Myriade
at Montreal, Quebec
Grotto Geyser
Yellowstone National Park
#rhodetrip #latergram
August Camping by carlyhag
Mt. Shasta, from day 1 of #rhodetrip
Out on a limb for this one #latergram from Tamanawas Falls
Coffee soft serve with Oreo. This is my happiness.  (at Eskimo King)
Found this on today’s run.  (at Ladd Observatory)
Today’s used book store find. A guide to how parks should be configured and details on all the parks of Rhode Island, as of 1965.  (at Paper Nautilus Books)
At your service (at Providence, Rhode Island)
First ride on new bike.  (at Blackstone Boulevard)
Wildlife WPA 16x20
Our first beer in Rhode Island! Belgian yeast and a touch of bitterness, then creamy with a grassy spiciness in the after. @FoolproofBrew La Ferme Urbaine (at Providence, Rhode Island)
We made it. #rhodetrip  (at Providence, Rhode Island)