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First ride on new bike.  (at Blackstone Boulevard)
Wildlife WPA 16x20
Our first beer in Rhode Island! Belgian yeast and a touch of bitterness, then creamy with a grassy spiciness in the after. @FoolproofBrew La Ferme Urbaine (at Providence, Rhode Island)
We made it. #rhodetrip  (at Providence, Rhode Island)
Blueberry and White House (vanilla with cherries) (at Meyer Dairy)
This little bakery makes my favorite doughnuts. A treat whenever I get to visit my Grandmother.  (at Atkinson’s Bakery)
Buckeye Blitz (at Graeter’s)
Quills coffee (louisville) el meda, single origin from Mexico
#rhodetrip  (at Collective Espresso)
Brighter than before  (at Uc Daap)
Rwandan cortado (at Caffe Streets)
L-R, golden tuna pale ale, space IPA, daisy cutter pale ale, oakum saison. 

The IPA was the best. 
#rhodetrip  (at Half Acre Beer Company)
Northwest cherries b